Trump canceled the Republican Convention in Florida because of the coronavirus

US President Donald Trump said he had given instructions not to hold the Republican Party Convention in Florida in August because of a sharp increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in the state.

The outbreak of the disease led to some Republicans refusing to participate in the conference, which should officially approve the candidate for President of the United States from the “elephant party” to participate in the elections on November 3 this year.

According to Trump, this is “not the right time” for a large gathering. The delegates are going to meet in Charlotte (North Carolina), the American President said. He explained that he would speak at the Congress, but “in a different form,” most likely in a video conference.

Trump said he had already informed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of the decision. Florida is currently among the States with the highest number of new COVID cases-19. According to Reuters, almost 390,000 cases of infection were registered there, and 5,600 infected people died. For the third day in a row, more than 1,100 cases of SARS-CoV-2 disease were reported in the state.