Trump campaign requests recount of ballots in two Wisconsin counties

Milwaukee and Dane counties had the worst violations, the campaign said in a statement.

The current US President Donald Trump campaign headquarters transferred $3 million to the authorities of the state of Wisconsin for the recount of votes in two districts – Milwaukee and Dane. This is stated in a statement released on Wednesday by the Republican campaign.

“These two districts were chosen because the worst violations occurred there. The election campaign of Donald Trump transferred $3 million to Wisconsin to cover the estimated costs of the recalculation,” the document says. The headquarters stressed that on November 18, they would submit an official petition demanding a recount of votes.

According to the Trump campaign, there were cases in these districts of “making illegal changes to absentee ballots, illegally issuing absentee ballots, and providing officials with illegal advice that allowed them to circumvent Wisconsin laws regarding the presentation of voter ID.”

According to the Associated Press, in the two districts in question, Democrat Joseph Biden received 577,455 thousand votes, and Republican Trump – 213,157 thousand. In the state as a whole, Biden received 20,608 thousand more votes than Trump.

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