Trump called Woodward’s book about him terribly boring

US President Donald Trump said that he had read the book by the famous American journalist Bob Woodward “Rage” and found it boring.

“I watched it last night, and it’s boring,” Trump said on FoxNews.

The book went on sale on Tuesday.

Earlier, American media published excerpts from the book. In particular, Woodward writes that Trump admitted that he knew that the coronavirus is dangerous, while publicly repeatedly downplayed its severity. Commenting on the publication of excerpts from Woodward’s book, Trump said that he did not want to create panic in the country.

Also, the Washington Post newspaper, citing an excerpt from the book “Rage,” wrote that the US President claimed that the US has a nuclear weapons system that Russia and China have not even heard of. The newspaper, which quotes excerpts from Woodward’s book, says that Trump talked about an “unheard-of” weapons system while reflecting on how close the US is to war with North Korea, in 2017. According to the author of the book, after this statement, anonymous sources confirmed that the US has new secret weapons systems, and said they were surprised that Trump told about it.

Woodward’s first book about Trump, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” released in 2018, became a bestseller in the United States. It describes the divisions within the administration of Donald Trump. The White House dissociated itself from the book’s content, calling the criticism of Trump contained in its fiction.
Woodward was one of two journalists whose investigation into the Watergate scandal led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. He has written about two dozen books about politics.

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