Trump called the UK’s refusal of Huawei equipment his merit

London disputed this claim, and Beijing called it proof of the political nature of the decision of the British authorities.

US President Donald Trump has credited the decision of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to exclude the Chinese company Huawei from the British 5G network. London denied this claim, while Beijing called it proof that the UK’s decision was political.

Recall that on Tuesday, Johnson ordered that Huawei equipment be withdrawn entirely from the British 5G network by the end of 2027.

Washington has long insisted on such a step and continues to call on other European countries to take similar measures.

“We – pretty much I – have convinced many countries to give up Huawei equipment because we believe it is a big security threat,” Trump told reporters in the White House Rose garden.

“I dissuaded many countries from using it: if they want to do business with us, they can’t use it. As far as I know, the UK announced today that it is not going to use it,” the President added.

The UK said the decision to abandon Huawei equipment was motivated by its security concerns and fears that supplies could be disrupted due to US sanctions.

London denies that the Huawei ban is solely due to Trump’s efforts. Asked about the US leader’s comments, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said: “We all know Donald Trump.”

China insists that Trump’s remark proves that Johnson’s decision is related to geopolitics, not security.

“This once again demonstrates that the bans on Huawei are completely unrelated to national security. Rather, it is highly politicized manipulation,” said Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – The UK’s decision to stop using Huawei will harm its interests. The world is significant, and the UK is a relatively small country.”

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, concerns about the safety of Huawei equipment have forced Johnson to choose a side in the global rivalry between the US and China.

Trump calls China the main geopolitical competitor of the United States and accuses it of unfair trade practices and hiding information about the outbreak of a new coronavirus, which he calls “the Chinese plague.”

Washington and its allies say Huawei technology could be used to spy for China. The company itself denies this.

The UK has admitted that without Huawei’s hardware, it will need more time to deploy 5G networks. China warns that this decision will affect investment in the UK.

“I would say that this is not only disappointing but also annoying,” said Liu Xiaoming, China’s Ambassador to London.

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