Trump called the protesters anarchists and thugs

US President Donald Trump said that the “anarchists” at the protests are the voters of his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, whom he does not control.

“Black Lives Matter (movement) protesters harass elderly people horribly in Pittsburgh restaurants, scaring them with screams and taking food right off their plates. These anarchists, not protesters, are Biden’s voters, but he doesn’t have control and doesn’t have what to say (about this). Disgusting. I’ve never seen anything like it. Bandits!” he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

So the President of the United States commented on a video that spread on social networks, where on one of the streets of Pittsburgh, black protesters accost white customers sitting on the street in front of a restaurant. One of the protesters approaches an elderly couple and speaks insultingly about white people, ending the tirade with the words: “You’re all dead.” Then the African-American woman picks up a glass from the table and drinks from it.

It was on this day that Biden held a field event for the first time in a long time, speaking in Pittsburgh.

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