Trump called the only condition for his defeat in the election

US President Donald Trump has said he wants a “friendly” transition process in the event of a defeat in the upcoming election but has expressed the view that he will only lose if his democratic rivals cheat on voting by mail.

“We will only lose the election if they cheat. And we can’t let them do that – our country is at stake, because these people will destroy our country, and we can’t let that happen. It’s a Scam, they know it, and the media knows, knows exactly what’s going to happen. And the Democrats know it best. But we can’t allow that – if you see anything, you have to report it,” Trump said, speaking to supporters in Virginia.

“We want a very friendly transition period, but we don’t want to be deceived. We don’t want to be stupid to say, “Oh, Yes, of course, let’s transfer power,” knowing that (they) cheated on thousands and thousands of ballots. We will not tolerate this,” the President added.

He also stressed that the winner of the election may not be known for months after the election.

“It’s very unlikely that you will know the winner on the same night. I may be ahead, but they will keep getting ballots coming in because they say the ballots can be delivered later,” Trump added.