Trump called “staging” public impeachment hearings

The President said he had never heard the names of most of the witnesses testifying in the House of Representatives.

President Donald Trump has said he is not concerned about the investigation into his possible impeachment and the publication of witness statements. However, the President clarified that he did not want to support the process by allowing his senior advisers to testify in closed hearings. Trump said this during a conversation with reporters at the White House on Friday.
Trump rejected accusations that he may have tried to pressure the President of Ukraine to initiate an investigation into Joe Biden, as stated in the testimony of several witnesses in the case of impeachment. He also criticized Democrats in the House of Representatives for moving the investigation to the public plane. A public hearing will be held next week as part of the investigation.

“They shouldn’t be holding public hearings; it’s staging,” said Trump, who denies all allegations of breaking the law.

The President accused Democrats of specifically targeting people who hate him as witnesses and said he was unfamiliar with most of the witnesses, which include several senior State Department officials.

“I’m not worried about anything… for the most part, I’ve never even heard of these people. I have no idea who they are,” the President told reporters.

“It’s like, well, let’s find the dozen people who hate President Trump the most and let’s shove them in there,” the President added, talking about the logic that the authors of the impeachment investigation may have followed in selecting witnesses.

On Thursday evening, a subpoena demanding to appear in the House of Representatives to testify was sent to Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff. He was scheduled to appear in Congress on Friday, but the hearing with his participation did not take place because Mulvaney did not come to the House of Representatives.

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