Trump called Russian “interference” in the election a deception of America

US President Donald Trump believes that his life would have been very different if not for the investigation of “Russian interference” in the US election by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

“This was all an illegal witch hunt and a heavy price must be paid for it. How different my life would have been if this deception of America hadn’t happened!” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Trump expressed outrage at reports that senior representatives of the Mueller team could have erased information from at least 15 phones under the pretext of forgotten passwords, lack of necessary equipment, and damaged devices just before handing them over to investigators.

US Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has spent two years investigating allegations of “Russian interference” in the election, which Moscow denies. Mueller completed the investigation, confirming the claims of election interference. However, he found no evidence of “collusion” between Donald Trump and Russia, the existence of which was denied by both the Kremlin and the White House.

Author: John Kessler
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