Trump called Putin a “world-class chess player”

US President Donald Trump called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a “world-class chess player” along with the heads of China, North Korea, and Turkey — XI Jinping, Kim Jong-Un, and Tayyip Erdogan.

At the same time, the head of state once again noted that his rival in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden, will not compete with them. This opinion was expressed at a speech in the state of Wisconsin.

Trump also criticized Biden and hinted that if his rival becomes President, he will not be able to interact with world leaders as well as his predecessor.

Earlier, the American President has already contrasted Biden with Putin, XI Jinping, and Erdogan, noting that they are smart, and his Democratic rival should pass a mental ability test.
Biden, if elected, will become the oldest US President in history — he will be 78 years old, four years older than Trump. Talk about his mental abilities is caused by regular reservations that the politician allows.

Author: Steve Cowan
Graduated From Princeton University. He has been at the Free Press since October 2014. Previously worked as a regional entertainment editor.
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