Trump called on governors to open temples this weekend

Otherwise, the President promised to open all places of worship in the United States forcibly.

President Donald Trump, on Friday, called on state governors to open this weekend all places of worship that were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, warning that otherwise, he would use presidential power and forcibly open temples throughout the country.

Speaking at a press briefing at the White House, the President said that places of worship-churches, synagogues, and mosques – are vital for people, so they need to be reopened to the public as soon as possible.

Places of worship were closed by state authorities as part of measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. As the disease rate is declining in many parts of the country, the States are gradually opening up the economy, but in many cases, the temples remain closed.

Trump warned governors that he might force them to open temples, without specifying, however, on what grounds he would do so.
“If the governors don’t do this, I will force them [to open the temples],” the President said, adding that America now especially needs prayers.