Trump called for the extradition of former British agent Steele to the US

American President Donald Trump considers it necessary to extradite to the United States and put in prison the former British agent Christopher Steele who made up compromising material on him.

“This person should be deported, tried, and thrown in jail. A sick liar who was paid by crooked Hillary (Clinton, former Democratic presidential candidate) and the Democratic National Committee,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Steele is a former employee of the British intelligence services who, at the request of Trump’s political opponents, prepared a compromising dossier on him for the Washington firm Fusion GPS. The file hit the press after the 2016 election.

The report claimed that Russia has dirt on Trump. The US intelligence agencies, which at that time were still headed by appointees of Barack Obama, did not confirm or deny the contents of the dossier and the greasy details with which it abounded. Trump himself has repeatedly called the dossier a fake, and the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the file a newspaper “duck.”

The FBI in 2016-17 under Democratic President Barack Obama investigated Trump. Investigators were trying to find out whether the presidential candidate was still in cahoots with the Russian authorities to win the election. Later, the same issue was investigated by independent special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who, in the spring of 2019, concluded that there was no evidence of such collusion. Russia and Trump have categorically denied the charges, and the US President believes they are politically motivated.