Trump called Bolton’s plans to publish the book “highly inappropriate”

US President Donald Trump considers it “highly inappropriate” that his former national security adviser John Bolton wrote a book of memoirs about working with the head of state and intends to publish it.

“Maybe he doesn’t tell the truth, he’s known for often not telling the truth,” Trump told reporters at the White House when asked about his attitude to the upcoming publication of a book that is expected to contain criticism of the President.

In turn, US Attorney General William Barr noted that for the memoirs of former officials, there is a special verification procedure for the disclosure of secret information, which must be passed before publication.

“He (Bolton) did not pass this process,” Barr said, calling it unprecedented that the book is planned to be published under the current President.
Bolton’s book is due out on June 23. Its publication was repeatedly delayed after the White House stated that Bolton was going to publish classified information. The former adviser in his book sharply criticized the foreign policy of Trump, according to the annotation to the book by the publisher Simon & Schuster.

According to American media, the White House even plans to file a lawsuit in order to block the publication of the memoirs.

Author: Steve Cowan
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