Trump called a way to stop the unrest in the US

Violence in Democratic-run US cities can only be stopped by force. This opinion was expressed on Twitter by US President Donald Trump, speaking about the riots that swept across the country, including in Portland (Oregon).

“The only way to stop violence in high — crime cities run by Democrats is through force!” the US President wrote.

The American leader once again criticized the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, calling him “a mad, left-wing, do-nothing Democrat who is watching the large-scale death and destruction of his city.” “The people of Portland, like all other cities and parts of our great country, want law and order. Left-wing Democratic mayors, like the Portland Manager, can’t do it!” – says Trump. The President also insists on bringing the National Guard into the city. The local authorities refuse this offer.

Earlier, the acting head of the US Department of homeland security (DHS), Chad Wolf, said that “chaos and lawlessness” reign in Portland. He also stressed that the Interior Ministry is ready to use all resources to normalize the situation in Portland, where protests and riots continue for more than 90 days.

Mass protests and riots began in many US cities in late May after the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The police used a chokehold to arrest him. All four police officers involved in the operation were dismissed and charged. To restore order to the local law enforcement agencies joined the national guard of the United States. Curfews were imposed in about 40 cities, including Washington and New York.

The largest actions were observed in Portland. The city’s police informed that one person was killed during Saturday’s protests. According to the Associated Press, last night was marked by clashes between protesters in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and supporters of Trump. Ten people were detained.