Trump: Bolton must “pay a high price” for publishing the book

US President Donald Trump on Saturday again accused his former national security adviser John Bolton of violating the law and said that he should “pay a high price.”

“Everything is clear and simple: John Bolton, who was completely on the sidelines when I picked him up and gave him a chance, broke the law by divulging classified information (in a large volume). He has to pay a high price for this, just like others before him. This must never happen again! ” he wrote on Twitter.

This is how Trump reacted to the court’s decision, which on Saturday did not accept the White house’s arguments against the release of Bolton’s book. The official announcement is scheduled for June 23, and it has already been distributed to stores.

At the same time, the judge agreed that Bolton violated the procedure for approving the manuscript with the authorities by giving it to the press, and admitted that he might well have divulged classified information.

According to the court, now Bolton will either get fame and money, if the book does not contain secret information, or will fall under criminal prosecution if it is there.

“A great victory in the trial of Bolton. When the book has already been sent out and leaked too many people and the media, there is nothing a highly respected judge can do to stop it. But what strong and powerful statements and rulings were made about money and violation of secrecy,” Trump later wrote in another tweet.

He (Bolton) likes to drop bombs on people and kill them. Now the bombs will be dropped on it!” the US President added.

The Trump administration claims that the book contains secret information, and Bolton did not coordinate the content with the authorities. Bolton says that there is no confidential information in the book, and the White House demanded that he remove unflattering statements about Trump from the book. The publisher claims that the book has already been printed and sold, although it is not available for sale, so it is not possible to suspend publication de facto. On the eve of the court hearing, some publications published lengthy passages from the book that contains sharp criticism of Trump.

Author: Steve Cowan
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