Trump said he wanted to eliminate Assad

US President Donald Trump said that he considered the option of “eliminating” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but was dissuaded by Pentagon chief James Mattis.

“I considered him (Assad), of course, not a good person. I thought about trying to eliminate him if I wanted to, but Mattis was against it. Mattis was against most of these things,” the American leader said on Fox News.

According to him, he does not regret that he did not make such a decision.

“I could live either way,” Trump concluded.

Retired US Marine Corps General Mattis served as head of the Pentagon since the beginning of 2017 and left it due to disagreements with the President. Trump announced Mattis ‘ resignation in December 2018, thanking him for his work.

After that, a farewell letter from Mattis to the President was published, in which he recommended that Trump find a Minister whose views would be more in line with his views. The media wrote that Trump regarded this as a personal attack against the background of disagreements over the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. As a result, the President announced that Mattis would step down earlier than planned.

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