Trump began to discuss with lawyers the defense strategy for the impeachment procedure

According to CNN, in particular, the lawyer Butch Bowers agreed to represent the interests of the ex-president in the Senate.

Former US President Donald Trump has begun discussing the defense strategy for his impeachment proceedings in the US Senate with lawyers. CNN reported this.

According to her sources, the former president has not yet decided on the team of lawyers who will defend him in the impeachment proceedings. However, in the last few days, Trump began discussing the defense strategy with lawyer Butch Bowers, who, according to CNN sources, has already agreed to represent him in the Senate.

The candidacy of Bowers, a lawyer in the city of Columbia (South Carolina), was recommended to Trump by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who represents this state in the upper house of Congress. According to CNN, Graham continues to search for lawyers who would defend the former American leader in the impeachment proceedings.

On January 9, CNN noted that Trump is considering resorting to the help of Alan Dershowitz, Professor Emeritus at the Harvard Law School. He has previously represented Trump’s defense during his impeachment proceedings in 2019-2020. In turn, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani said that he would not defend his client in the impeachment proceedings since he is formally a witness in this case.

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