Trump at NATO summit: first day

The President called the behavior of his democratic opponents because of the impeachment hearings “unpatriotic.”

President Donald Trump, arriving in London for the NATO summit, called “unpatriotic” and “unfavorable for the country” the efforts of Democrats in the impeachment investigation.
Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the Democrats who initiated the investigation scheduled another hearing for the time of his trip to London. “I think it’s very unpatriotic of Democrats to put on a show,” he said. – I think it is unfavorable for our country.”

Trump insists he is fully focused on foreign and domestic policy issues and is not thinking about impeachment at all.

He also expresses confidence that the impeachment situation will not shake his position on the world stage.

“I know most of the leaders,”– he said. – We get along well with them. Impeachment is a fabrication. It was started solely for political gain.”

Trump began his visit to London with a promise not to interfere in the upcoming General elections in the UK, scheduled for December 12.

“I have no thoughts on this. This will be a very important election for this great country, but I have no thoughts on it,” Trump said Tuesday, speaking alongside NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg after their bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Alliance leaders’ summit.

At the same time, the American leader still expressed his opinion about the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying: “Boris is very talented, and I think he will do a great job.”
Johnson, in a recent interview, urged Trump not to speak out in his support, noting, “Neither side is better off getting involved in the other side’s election campaigns.”

World leaders rarely violate diplomatic norms and Express opinions about elections in other countries.

Trump also stressed that the US has no interest in the UK’s National Health Service.

“We have absolutely nothing to do with it. We don’t need it, even if you served it to us on a silver platter,” Trump assured.

Trump’s desire to privatize the National Health Service has become one of the Central issues of the British election campaign: Corbyn accused Johnson and the Conservative Party that they included this point in the agreement with the US, which is planned to conclude after “Brexit.” Johnson denies the allegations.

Trump and Johnson will meet at group events with other leaders, but it is unclear whether their bilateral meeting is planned.

Now there is a meeting of trump with the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

The program of the visit includes his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Stoltenberg spoke highly of trump on Tuesday, noting that his initiative to fund the Alliance “had a real impact” on the situation: other NATO members increased their defense budgets by $ 130 billion, and by 2024, this figure will reach 400 billion.

Between meetings with Stoltenberg and Macron, trump met with his supporters at a private event that is expected to raise $ 3 million for his re-election campaign.

Trump is also scheduled to meet with members of the Royal family later on Tuesday. The President and first lady Melania Trump will meet for tea with Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, after which they will go to a reception at Buckingham Palace with the rest of NATO leaders.

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