Trump approved the design of a steel fence on the border with Mexico

The Us President Donald Trump approved one of the proposed options for the design of the fence, which may appear on the border with Mexico. The American leader wrote about it on Twitter

“The design of our steel barrier is absolutely effective and at the same time beautiful,” Trump said.

To record the President attached the picture on which the stockade with pointed tops is represented. And the height of the fence, judging by the ratio with the car shown in the picture, can reach five to six meters.​

On December 21, the US House of Representatives (the Lower House of the US Congress) approved the allocation of $ 5 billion for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

The bill will now be sent to the Senate (upper House of Congress), the majority of whose members said they would vote against it. If the majority does approve the bill, it will go to the American President for signature.

Trump himself a few days ago promised that the wall on the border with Mexico will be “artistically decorated”. “We are building an artistically designed structure of steel slats and you can see through it perfectly.” “It will be beautiful and at the same time will give our country security,” he said.

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