Trump announces the need to lift quarantine restrictions

U.S. President Donald Trump said the time has come for the United States to lift quarantine restrictions imposed by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. The press conference of the Trump was broadcast by the White House press service on the YouTube channel.

We are returning to our previous state, we are opening a country.

Also, Trump said that US companies have achieved “tremendous success” in creating a vaccine against coronavirus. According to him, 2 million doses are already ready for dispatch, and this will be done as soon as the vaccine passes the safety check. Seven to eight companies are successfully working on creating vaccines and drugs against COVID-19 in the United States, the US president said.

He cited the example of actions by state governors who had already lifted restrictions and encouraged others to follow suit.

Trump said that Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and many other places have already opened and people there are doing “colossal business”.

The United States, after removing all restrictions, expects a “long period of growth” in the economy, Trump said. He mentioned the latest unemployment data, which fell in May, and the number of jobs increased over the month by 2.5 million.

The US Department of Labor reported that in May unemployment fell from 14.7 to 13.3%, while experts expected unemployment to rise to 20%.

According to Hopkins University, on June 5, 1.875 million cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the United States, more than 108 thousand people died from the disease. In absolute terms, the country is a leader in many indicators of the epidemic.

However, the United States ranks 12th in terms of deaths per million population (333), behind countries such as Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Author: Sam Smith
Graduated from University of Oxford. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the world news section in the Free News editors.
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