Trump announces a Week of small business

The President recalled that as part of the anti-crisis measures connected with the coronavirus, the government allocated about $ 750 billion to small businesses.

President Donald Trump declared the week of September 20-26 as a Week of small business, calling it the Foundation of the “identity and prosperity” of the United States.

Trump said that this year, as the country recovers from an unprecedented pandemic, his administration “continues to pay close attention to helping every American enterprise remain viable, recover, and thrive again at historical levels.”

The President noted that there are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States, which employ about half of the total private sector workforce and create two-thirds of new jobs.

“They are the key to moving our economy to the level of prosperity it has been at for the past three years,” Trump said.

Trump recalled that as part of the anti-crisis assistance in connection with COVID-19, the government allocated about $ 750 billion to affected small business entrepreneurs and their employees.

“We have also had outstanding success in developing entrepreneurship among underrepresented groups, including women, minorities, and veterans,” Trump said. “In fact, under my administration, Hispanic Americans have become the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. These numbers are an important reminder that in the United States, every person who is dedicated and hardworking can realize their “American dream.”