Trump announced the introduction of an updated prayer order in public schools

Religious freedom has become one of the key issues for the Trump administration in domestic and foreign policy.

President Donald Trump unveiled an updated order for prayers in public schools on Thursday. Administration officials call the move another example of Trump’s commitment to religious freedom.

Trump has made religious freedom a key issue in his domestic and foreign policy, establishing Religious freedom day and ordering the State Department to hold an annual international meeting at the level of foreign Ministers to protect religious freedom.

Trump’s supporters among Evangelical Christians welcomed the Department of educations updated guidance on holding prayers in public elementary and secondary schools.

Although American schools do not allow funding for prayer meetings from the school budget, individual and group prayers of students are not prohibited. American schoolchildren once started their school day with prayer or reading the Bible. This tradition was discontinued in 1962 when the Supreme Court decided that funding prayers from the school budget violated the constitutional ban on establishing an official religion in the United States. Subsequent court decisions recognize that prayers in schools are protected by the Constitution.

John Grogan, Director of the White House internal policy Council, told reporters on Thursday that the updated guidance “will remind school districts of the rights of students, parents, and teachers, and allow students to have confidence… enjoy their rights.”

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