Trump announced Biden’s refusal to take a drug test before the debate

US President Donald Trump said that his opponent in the Democratic election, Joe Biden, refused to take a drug test before the debate scheduled for Tuesday.

“Joe Biden just announced that he wouldn’t agree to a drug test. Ha, I wonder why,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday.

Trump did not specify where he got this information. There were no such statements on Biden’s Twitter, in messages from the media pool accompanying him, or on the feeds of major news agencies.

Trump insists that both Biden and he take a drug test before or after the debate. He explains this by saying that “many people say” that Biden takes certain medications that help clear the mind and activate thought processes. Who exactly is saying this, Trump does not specify. The day before, in response to this question, he suggested that journalists themselves search for it on the Internet.

The first TV debates will be held on September 29. For an hour and a half, candidates will be asked questions on six selected topics, each of which will take 15 minutes. Topics include the appointment of a judge to the Supreme Court, riots in American cities, the fight against coronavirus, election security, and the economy.