Trump announced an improvement in the situation with coronavirus in the United States

US President Donald Trump said that the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the country is improving. He said this at a press conference broadcast by C-SPAN.

“All parts of the country are in good shape, getting better in every way,” he said.

According to him, the number of cases in New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Boston, and Houston is decreasing. In addition, the situation in Washington, Denver, Seattle, Indianapolis, and St. Louis is stable, and the number of infected people is also decreasing, the President noted.

Trump said that the US is facing a “really terrible situation,” but the country is moving on.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 987 thousand people infected with coronavirus were registered in the United States, and 56 thousand people died. The country ranks first in the number of cases. The second place is occupied by Spain (229 thousand), and the third place is occupied by Italy (199 thousand). China, where there was a focus of infection, is located in the tenth place.

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