Trump and Saleh in Davos discussed reducing the number of foreign troops in Iraq

The two presidents met on the sidelines of the international economic forum in Switzerland.

US President Donald Trump and Iraqi President Barham Saleh met in Davos on Wednesday and discussed reducing the number of foreign troops in the country, according to the press service of the Iraqi leader.

“The meeting discussed reducing the number of foreign troops, as well as the importance of respecting the demands of the Iraqi people to preserve the country’s sovereignty,” the statement said.

Trump also met with Iraqi Kurdistan leader Mesud Barzani, who thanked the US for its leadership and support and said: “We defeated the Islamic state together.” The American leader also noted the fruitful cooperation.

Speaking about the situation in Syria, Trump said that after the withdrawal of American troops, “everything turned out much better than anyone thought possible.” “They have a so-called “security zone” and I appreciate everything you do to ensure the maximum possible security there,” he said.

“What is extremely important, as you know, is that we have oil in our hands. We left the military for oil because we took it (under control) and are working on it. And we are very effective in protecting it,” Trump said.

“This is a very interesting region, but we have excellent relations,” the US President said.

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