Trump and Biden will meet for the first debate on Tuesday night

Polls show that many voters have already made up their minds about who they will vote for in the election.

WASHINGTON – Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, will debate Tuesday night five weeks before the November 3 election.
This is the first of three planned face-to-face meetings that will take place over the next month.

By some estimates, 100 million Americans will be watching the hour-and-a-half debate between the two presidential candidates, which will be broadcast on television and the Internet.
Fox News ‘ Chris Wallace will lead the debate.

Wallace said that the debate would be divided into six 15-minute segments, each of which will focus on one of six topics: the achievements of candidates, the coronavirus pandemic that killed 204 thousand people in the United States, Trump’s nomination of conservative lawyer Amy Coney Barrett to the post of Supreme Court Justice, the state of the American economy affected by the pandemic, election integrity, and “race relations and violence” in American cities.

Also, another topic that came up at the last moment will probably be in the spotlight. We are talking about a Sunday New York Times publication that said that in 2016, when the billionaire Trump won the election, and in 2017 when he was already in the White House, he paid only $ 750 in Federal income tax.

Trump called the publication “absolutely fake news,” but Biden’s staff used it to reiterate that the President is out of touch with working Americans.

In the past, debates between presidential candidates have sometimes been crucial to the outcome of elections, but whether this will be the case this time remains an open question. Opinion polls show that more than 90 percent of voters have already decided and do not intend to change it.

On the eve of the debate, Trump expressed doubts about Biden’s sharpness of mind, saying that the democratic candidate was probably under the influence of drugs when he performed well.

“I will strongly demand that Sleepy Joe take a drug test before or after Tuesday night’s debate,” Trump tweeted. “Naturally, I will agree to take this test myself.”

Biden’s staff retorted: “Vice President Biden intends to put his responses to the debate into words. If the President believes that his best arguments are made in the form of urine, then go ahead.”