Trump agreed to increase the US military budget to $ 750 billion

Thus, the American leader approved the proposal of the US Secretary of defense James Mattis.
The President of the United States Donald Trump agreed with the proposal to increase the US military budget for fiscal year 2019 to $750 billion, reports CNN, citing a source in the White house administration.

It is noted that in this way trump approved the proposal of the Minister of defense of the country James Mattis, which was discussed at a meeting in early December. At the same time, the American leader “fully endorses the national defense strategy and the continued restoration of the armed forces,” the source added.
Earlier, Trump said that he is confident that at some point in the future, he as the head of state will discuss with Chinese President XI Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin a real cessation of what has become a “big and uncontrolled arms race”.
At the same time, trump was horrified that the US military budget in 2018 amounted to as much as $716 billion, and the administration of the American leader considered the issue of reducing the defense budget for the next financial year to $700 billion.

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