Trump again called on Pence to review the results of the November 3 election at a meeting of Congress

The Electoral College announced the victory of Democrat Joseph Biden in the presidential election on December 14.

The current head of the White House, Republican Donald Trump, believes that US Vice President Michael Pence should show “extreme courage” on Wednesday and review at a joint meeting of both houses of Congress the results of the Electoral College vote, which on December 14 announced the victory of Democrat Joseph Biden. Trump posted the corresponding entry on Twitter.

“The states want to change the votes [of the electors], which they now know were obtained based on violations and fraud; this corrupt process did not receive legislative approval. All that Michael Pence needs to do is get the votes back to the states, and we will win, “the president says.” Do it, Michael, it’s time [to show] extreme courage.”

Michael Pence will preside over a joint session of both houses of Congress, as he is, according to the American constitution, the head of the Senate. However, according to the law, his role is very formal; he does not have the right to review the results of elections. At the same time, Pence previously welcomed the intention of Republicans in Congress to challenge the results of the presidential election.

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