Trump after the shooting in Strasbourg said that the US should strengthen security at the border

According to the American President, democratic leaders in both houses of Congress should support this decision.

The Us President Donald Trump, commenting on the attack at the Christmas fair in the center of Strasbourg, said that the United States needs to strengthen security at the border. He posted a message on Wednesday on his Twitter page.

“Another terrible terrorist attack in France. We are going to strengthen our borders even more. The democratic leaders in both houses of Congress – Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi needs to give us a voice to get additional protection on the border!”,- wrote the head of the American administration.

On Tuesday evening, 29-year-old resident of Strasbourg opened fire at the Christmas market in the city center. This man should have been arrested earlier in the day on suspicion of involvement in the attempted murder and the robberies. Information about the assailant was in the files of The main Department of internal security.

As a result of attack three persons were died, 13 more injured. Hundreds of police officers are involved in the search for the fugitive.

Trump has tried many times since coming to the White house in January 2017 to implement the promise given to supporters during the election campaign to pursue a tougher immigration policy and strengthen border control. According to the President, illegal immigrants are “criminals” who should be identified and deported. The decree on the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, he signed five days after the inauguration, but Congress has not yet allocated the necessary funds.

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