Trump accused the US media of “silencing Biden’s possible involvement in corruption”

The US President once again said that Biden’s son Hunter allegedly received payments from abroad.

President of the United States Donald Trump believes that many leading American media purposefully hush up information that allegedly indicates the involvement of Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden in corruption. The current head of the White House said this at a rally in Michigan.

“The media refuses to write about it. Because they are actually just as corrupt, they condone it,” Trump said. Among these media outlets, he named CNN. “These are some of the most dishonest people I’ve ever seen,” he added.

“Joe Biden is a corrupt politician. And the Biden family is a criminal group,” Trump said. He once again stated that Biden’s son Hunter allegedly received payments from abroad. “He is, in fact, working for China, since he was paid a fortune,” Trump claims. He also again rebuked Biden, who was previously Vice President of the United States, that his son allegedly received $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, Russian entrepreneur Elena Baturina. The corresponding statements are given in the report distributed earlier by members of the US Senate from the Republican Party. “The wife of the mayor of Moscow gave $3.5 million to his son, who has no experience,” Trump said.

Speaking about Hunter Biden, the American leader said: “We call it the vacuum cleaner man.” “His father goes to some country, and he follows – and says: “Give me the money.” This is what happens,” Trump explained. “His father went to China. He followed, and as a result, he had $1.5 billion at his disposal, which is millions of dollars a year,” the US President believes.

The American leader also noted that Hunter Biden was on the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings board and received large sums. However, he had no experience in the oil and gas sector. “This looks like a reasonable deal,” Trump said ironically. “A lot more will come to the surface,” he added.