Trump accused Biden of receiving money from Russia

During the final round of televised debates in Nashville (Tennessee), the head of the US administration, Donald Trump, claimed that the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, allegedly received money from Russia.

Trump stressed that Russia, as well as China and Ukraine, never paid him. Biden, according to the American leader, received money from all three countries. “Joe received $ 3.5 million from Russia; it came through [Russian President Vladimir Putin] Putin because he was on excellent terms with the former mayor of Moscow. You got $ 3.5 million, and your family got $ 3.5 million.

You’ll have to explain it someday. You have to explain yourself to the Americans. Maybe you can do it right now,” Trump said. Biden, in turn, said that “I did not take a penny from any state.”

Recall that US President Donald Trump allowed declassifying all documents relating to the alleged “collusion” investigation with Moscow in early October. At the same time, the head of the White House called the “Russian-related fraud,” “the greatest political crime in American history.”

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