Trump – a trip to Dayton and El Paso

Some residents and legislators say they will not be happy with the visit of the President.

US President Donald Trump arrived in Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday. Upon arrival in the city, he went to the hospital where the victims of the recent tragedy are being treated.

After visiting Dayton, the President will head to El Paso, Texas.

Over the weekend, mass shooting incidents occurred in those cities, resulting in a total of 31 deaths. Many residents of these cities believe that the President’s rhetoric contributed to the incitement of violence, and say that they will not be happy with his visit.

Chatting before leaving to journalists, the President attacked his critics of democratic politicians participating in the presidential race, in particular, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Trump rejected the assumption that his rhetoric contributed to the incitement of contradictions in society and violence. “I think my rhetoric doesn’t do that at all, – he said. – I believe that my rhetoric unites people.”

The President also said that he wants to tighten the background checks for those who want to buy firearms. It is noteworthy that this initiative was not mentioned in his speech on Monday. At the same time, he noted the lack of a political request to ban the sale of assault rifles, which is advocated by many Democrats.

The President promised to “come up with something really good” in terms of the reform of arms control.

Trump again linked the causes of the shooting incidents to mental illness.

The President condemned as the ideology of the superiority of the white race and the movement “Antifa.”

Earlier in the White House said that Trump’s current visits will be similar to his visits to other cities where there was a mass shooting, including Parkland in Florida and Las Vegas. The President and the first lady will thank the emergency responders and meet with the families of the victims and the victims.

“He wants to visit these cities to share his grief with their residents, to pray with them, to offer his condolences, as well as to express gratitude and appreciation to the emergency response staff who risked their lives and were able to neutralize the shooter so quickly,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said on Tuesday. According to him, Trump also wants to talk with residents about how to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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