Tornado in Tennessee: there are dead

Authorities in the state capital have opened shelters for residents forced to leave their homes.

On Tuesday morning, a powerful tornado struck the city of Nashville and its surroundings (Tennessee), killing at least seven people. The city and neighboring villages suffered significant damage.

The available video shows a tornado raging in the city center, accompanied by lightning flashes and turning buildings into ruins.

Emergency officials said they responded to reports of at least forty buildings collapses in Nashville. Authorities have opened several shelters to accommodate residents forced to leave their homes. One of these shelters is open at a farmer’s market on the outskirts of the city. Schools in the city are closed.

The tornado destroyed several hangars at a small municipal airport in the Western part of Nashville. At least two people in the city were killed.

The first tornado occurred near the small town of Camden, located about 160 kilometers West of Nashville. One person was killed. The other victims were in Cookeville, a small city located about 140 kilometers East of Nashville.

According to political observers, the tornado may affect the voting process in Tennessee, which is one of the 14 States where the” Super Tuesday” primaries are held.

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