Tori Spelling shocked with a disfigured face

The actress, who portrayed Donna in the TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210”, got into the lens of a street photographer and shocked fans with a disfigured face.

On her Instagram account, Tori Spelling always shows only her successful photos. In the pictures of the paparazzi, the actress looks, to put it mildly, bad. Tori clearly went too far with plastic surgery, now her face is too swollen.

Perhaps the actress’s addiction to surgery is caused by a wave of criticism from fans of “Beverly Hills”. As soon as Tory got the role of Donna, fans hated her for her appearance, and for the fact that she allegedly got this role out of a pull, and for her acting.

Spelling was only 17 years old at the time of filming. It is likely that at such a young age, it was hard for the actress not to take seriously the attacks of the spiteful critics.

Beverly Hills 90210 first came out in 1990 and ran for ten years. The series about rich schoolchildren, their ups and downs, was so fond of viewers around the world that in 2008 a remake was released with the title “90210”

Several actors from the original project also took part in the sequel.

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6 thoughts on “Tori Spelling shocked with a disfigured face”

  1. I don’t feel sorry for Tori Spelling! She’s always had everything handed to her. If she hadn’t been such a careless spend thrift, she wouldn’t be in her current situation! She owes a lot of money to a lot of people! If she gets divorced, I can only imagine that Dean will try to get anything, and everything that he possibly can! You get what you give! She cheated on her husband, and now!!!

  2. No one gets the to pick what family they are born in. We all make. mistakes So until you walk in someones shoesI would n t b e so judg emental
    Not as if he was an altar boy.

  3. Screw this spoiled ass bitch you idiot fans that feel sorry for her, you don’t have much of a fuckin life do you?

  4. Dean had no career in Canada. He married Tori for her family money. However, her mother had cut her off for marring Dean. Their reality-based TV progrsm showed she was the hard working contributor. He was just hanger-on.

    If in dought, list his accomplishments.

  5. Well, with the fouled mouth that I can see you have, you obviously don’t… ” SMMFH” … Some people’s children….


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