Tony Robbins accused of PR on COVID-19 positive employee

Business coach Tony Robbins is being sued again. This time he was accused of PR on an employee who was sick with COVID-19.

Despina Costa of Robbins Research International filed a lawsuit against him and his wife. According to Bloomberg, she claims the company has repeatedly denied her leave and requests to work part-time while being treated for the coronavirus. Costa decided to sue the employer after she was hospitalized and connected to a ventilator.

The woman claims that Robbins Research International tried to shorten her treatment, and Robbins himself caused her moral damage when he first asked about the disease, and then made the information public. Bloomberg quotes an excerpt from the lawsuit. It says that Robbins lied, saying that he saved an employee’s life and “tried to convince his followers that he has supernatural knowledge and abilities” and he knows how to treat coronavirus better than doctors. Robbins Research International considered the accusations false and announced that Costa was trying to “promote personal interests and earn money.””

This is not the first time Robbins has been charged. For example, one of his speeches provoked accusations of racism. We are talking about the seminar of the 1980s, during which the coach has repeatedly uttered the word “nigger”. Before this, the business coach was accused of sexual harassment. Four women, including Robbins’ personal assistant, stated that he made various attempts to seduce them. Another woman said that Robbins kissed her forcibly, touched her breasts, and then she was underage.

Robbins held the only seminar in Russia; this was in 2018. Over 20 thousand people attended it, and the cost of tickets reached 500 thousand rubles. After widespread dissatisfaction from the audience, the Synergy Business School refused to bring the business coach again, explaining the situation with “cultural differences”.

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