Tom Hanks was cured of the coronavirus and returned to the United States

The actor announced this on Twitter.

Two weeks after Hanks learned that he was infected with the coronavirus, he wrote that he was feeling well, but there were no symptoms of SARS.

The time of infection and self-isolation for the star couple came at the time of their stay in Australia. For this reason, as soon as the incubation period ended, the couple returned to the United States.

On March 27, journalists from the Daily Mail tabloid photographed the couple when they arrived in Los Angeles on a private plane and took several photos when they went to their home by car.
Upon returning to his native home, the actor has not yet informed fans about his health. He may be in self-isolation for another 14 days, as soon as the US authorities demand from citizens who have returned from abroad.

As you know, the spouses were at risk. The actor himself has diabetes, and his wife struggled with cancer two years ago.

On March 12, it was reported that American actor Tom Hanks reported that he passed a test for the presence of coronavirus infection, which showed a positive result.

Author: Flyn Braun
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