Tom Hanks believes the Marvel Universe will save movie theaters

The film industry has yet to recover from the blow of the coronavirus pandemic. Many films had to be postponed to later dates, some projects were at the disposal of streaming services, and all this called into question the future of cinemas. But Tom Hanks is sure that if anyone can save the entertainment industry, then only the MCU.

In a recent conversation with Collider, the actor was asked if he believed that cinemas would get out of the hole that the pandemic had driven them into, and he responded by saying:

“In any case, fundamental changes had to take place. It was getting closer. Will cinemas still exist? Of course they will. “

Hanks added that in the future, cinemas would be focused on showing high-budget films. He stressed that his new work “News from all over the world” may become almost “the last film about adults saying interesting things that can be seen on the big screen.”

“After all this, it will take the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all kinds of such franchises to ensure that people fill the theatres again,” said the artist.

In his opinion, it is these films that viewers will want to see in cinemas, because “watching them at home, on the couch, can somehow weaken the visual effect.” Nevertheless, Hanks is confident that there will be many films aimed at viewing exclusively on stream services, allowing viewers to plan their leisure time fully.

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