Tom Cruise yelled at Mission Impossible 7 team for breaking the rules

Tom Cruise, who is now involved in the filming of the movie Mission: Impossible 7, swore at the team members.

The production of the film, in which a lot of money has already been invested, was stopped in February of this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the producers managed to secure the continuation of filming, subject to careful observance of safety rules. However, two crew members ignored the social distance requirement, which angered the eminent actor who is serving as the producer of the Mission Impossible series.

The audio recording appeared in the possession of The Sun tabloid. On it you can hear that Tom Cruise does not stand on ceremony with his colleagues in the production of the film. “If I see you two do it again, you’re fired. And if someone from this team ignores the rules – you and you too, then you will be fired. That’s it, no apologies. Go and apologize to the people who are losing their homes and jobs due to the closure of our industry, ”the actor spoke in a raised voice.

Recall that if everything goes according to plan, the release of the film “Mission Impossible 7” is scheduled for the end of November next year, provided that the filming schedule is not disrupted.

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