Tom Cruise was named the new Ellen DeGeneres after an employee scandal. Audio

A few days ago, an audio recording was leaked, in which you can clearly hear Tom Cruise shouting at the members of the crew of the film “Mission: Impossible 7”. The actor was furious that they violated anti-coronavirus measures and came closer to each other than two meters. On the Internet, many condemned Tom for inappropriate behaviour, while others appreciated his concern for the health of others.

On Twitter, it is becoming increasingly popular to compare Cruise to Ellen DeGeneres, who was heavily criticized online a couple of months ago for her team’s mistreatment of employees on the show. The TV presenter even had to apologize for this, but she admitted that no one had ever complained to her about the abuse.

“Tom Cruise is toxic, like Ellen, Tom Cruise is crazy, add him to the same list with Ellen and be done with it. It seems that Ellen DeGeneres will replace Tom Cruise in the next film, Mission: Impossible. She really looks more and more like a bad woman, ” wrote the users of the social network.

And George Clooney, in a new interview with Howard Stern, supported his colleague: “He did not go too far, because there really is a problem. If filming stops, many people will lose their jobs. But I wouldn’t press that much. You are in power, and there is a catch. But you are really responsible for everyone else, so he is absolutely right. “

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