Tom Cruise to be sent into Space for $ 200 million

Universal executives held Zoom talks with actor Tom Cruise, director/writer Doug Lyman, and producers Christopher McQuarrie and P.J. van Sandwijk. One of the parties announced that there is an idea to make a film in space, but the project has neither a plot nor a script, the other has signed a production commitment for $ 200 million.

By the standards of Hollywood, the 200 million figure doesn’t seem so significant. Taking into account the fact that for such a film it will be necessary to solve the problems of production logistics from scratch. It is assumed that the project will involve Elon Musk from Space X, and his company will not only help in making the film but also add funds to the budget of the film. In addition, NASA is ready to provide assistance in creating the movie.

Tom Cruise and Doug Lyman are old friends, both pilots, and adventurers.