Tom Cruise’ colleague criticizes him in the Media

Actress Leah Remini was interviewed by Us Weekly, where she talked about ‘insight’ of Tom Cruise.

‘I think it’s time for people to wake up and face the real facts. For years, Tom has used his image to be a good guy. Although, I think there was a time when he was a decent and kind-hearted person. But he turned into David Miskevage [leader of Scientology] and devoted himself entirely to the mission of Scientology to “cleanse” planet Earth, which means turning 80 percent of the world’s population into Scientologists,’ – Leah said.

Remini herself was a Scientologist for several years but retired from Scientology in 2013. And Cruz is still the top Scientologist among celebrities. Leah also discussed how this ideology influenced his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

[Senior Vice President of the Church of Scientology International Celebrity Center] Tommy Davis conducted confidential Scientology consultations to drive a wedge between Tom and his wife Nicole because Nicole no longer wanted to pursue Scientology. And David Miscavige got rid of her to bring Cruise closer to Scientology.

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