Tom Brady congratulated his daughter with Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady and his beloved Gisele Bundchen celebrated the eighth birthday of their daughter Vivian on Saturday. The couple is also raising their 10-year-old son Benjamin. In honour of the girl’s birthday, Tom posted a photo of his children and left a cute message for his daughter:

“Happy birthday, Vivi! You are the sweetest girl your father could only dream of! You are loved (and always protected by your older brothers)! ” Brady was referring to another son of his, 13-year-old Jack from a past relationship.

Giselle also dedicated a publication to the baby on her page. She posted a photo in which she holds her daughter’s hand and kisses her on the forehead. “”Happy birthday, my little sun!” – she signed the photo, and Tom added in the comments of his wife: “Our little girl-honey.””

The supermodel and footballer have been married since 2009, before that they dated for two years. Giselle and Tom seem like an exemplary family, but their relationship has had ups and downs. Brady talked about one of these cases in an interview.

“Two years ago, Giselle left me a note in which she admitted that she was unhappy with me. She wrote that I do not fulfil part of the family responsibilities. Like, I play football for a whole season, and at this time she drags her house and family. And then, according to her, when the season ends, I say that I will do my other business and training. “When are you going to take care of the house? When are you going to start taking the kids to school? ” She was not satisfied with our marriage, and I had to change something. She said that she also has her own dreams and goals, ”Tom shared and noted that he still keeps this note and rereads it.

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