To space in a balloon is real. Already in 2021 and almost cheap

The new Space Perspective company wants to deliver you to the stratosphere with a high-altitude balloon. The original founders of World View Enterprises, a company focused on using giant balloons to send payloads to the stratosphere, are launching a new venture together. It will use the same massive balloons to slowly send people on a trip over the Earth, reports The Verge.

A new company, Space Perspective, has appeared on the market. Her plans are to send solvent customers all the way to the edge of space, where they can admire the planet from an unusual angle.

Such a calm and relaxing journey into space has long been the goal of Jane Poynter and Taber McCallum, co-directors of Space Perspective. The idea of ​​the founders is to give people a breathtaking view of the Earth from above. At the same time, they do not want to force their customers to “buckle up on a rocket” and fly into the sky at a speed of thousands of miles per hour, as other companies plan to do.

We returned to the idea of ​​using balloon systems to send people to the edge of space carefully and as gently as possible.

Jane Poynter, CEO, Space Perspective

Technically, Space Perspective does not plan to send people to real space. The company wants to fly up to 30,000 meters in height, or 19 miles. This is much lower than the accepted height of the “edge of the cosmos” (50 miles). Therefore, tourists will not get the full space experience. For example, Space Perspective crews will not experience weightlessness (although they will feel a kilogram lighter). However, the team claims that people will be above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere and that their aircraft will be regulated as a spaceship through the Office of Commercial Space Flight.

Yes, we say that we are going to the edge of the cosmos that we will give people such an experience. To see the Earth from space is to be relaxed in silence and the ability to contemplate the planet … This is what our consulting cosmonaut calls true cosmic experience, and this is what we are focusing on.

Taber McCallum, CEO of Space Perspective

Space tourism, which sends people to the edge of space and back, is slowly developing. Companies such as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are still far from commercial goals. They rely on rocket engines and rise much higher – between 50 and 62 miles. Space Perspective claims that their system is very different from these rockets.

To get into the stratosphere, customers had to travel in a spherical white Neptune capsule. It will be equipped with wide glass windows providing a clear view of the Earth below. The “rocket fuel” will be a massive translucent balloon filled with hydrogen, which will rise at a breakneck speed of 12 miles per hour. Eight passengers can fit inside the ship with one pilot. It is assumed that the entire flight will last about six hours, of which two hours the capsule will hang above the Earth. The bar and bathroom will be centrally located and there will be Wi-Fi.

To space in a balloon is real
To space in a balloon is real

Satellite communications will be key to the conversation with the control team from Earth, but it will also allow broadcasting from the sky.

Space Perspective has big plans for the future. Poynter and McCallum say their capsule can be reused, and they hope to get 1,000 flights from each vehicle. In the end, they plan to fly up to 100 flights a year, and ticket prices, although they remain high, will be lower than other space tourism businesses, they say. Poynter hopes that each ticket will cost less than half what Virgin Galactic charges ($ 250,000). The general director of the company plans that tickets with final prices will go on sale next year.

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