Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel with children are resting in Brazil

Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel often spend their holidays in Brazil – the actor lived there for five years after breaking up with Monica Bellucci and got his own mansion. So this South American country has become a second home for him.

Yesterday, the paparazzi spotted a 54-year-old French actor on the beach with his 23-year-old wife Tina Kunaki, their one and a half-year-old daughter Amazon and 10-year-old Leonie, Kassel’s daughter from a relationship with Monica Bellucci. Vincent’s eldest daughter, 16-year-old Virgo, did not make the company to her relatives.

Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel have been together for four years. They got married in 2018 in the French city of Bidart. A few months later, the couple became parents. They named their daughter after the Amazon, one of the most amazing and beautiful regions on the planet.

Vincent Cassel remained on good terms with his former lover Monica Bellucci – they raise their daughters together and get along well. The Italian actress does not mind the fact that she and Vincent’s daughters communicate with his new family.