Timothy Chalamet shows gifts from fans

Timothy Chalamet, a young American actor of French descent, has long and firmly won the hearts of fans. The actor’s languid gaze on an absolutely childish, girlishly beautiful face and violent curls drive fans crazy all over the world.

Fans load up their pet with gifts and souvenirs and also fill up with declarations of love. The actor is very sensitive to gifts and really uses them in everyday life. This was a real discovery for his fans. Chalamet can easily put on a cap or scarf, badge or bracelet that was sent to him, and does not see anything shameful in this. He even announced a special “fan gift day” in which he sorts out all the correspondence and bags of presents from loving fans. On his Instagram account, the actor showed off an entire room littered with boxes and letters.

Among the parcels that are sent to the idol, there are many handmade gifts. Timothy especially appreciates and distinguishes them – for example, pillows with an embroidered image of the actor’s face, T-shirts with printed frames and quotes from films in which he starred, and mugs engraved with his name.

Author: Sam Smith
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