Timothy Chalamet comments on kissing with Lily-Rose Depp

In a new interview with GQ, Timothy Chalamet commented for the first time on the famous paparazzi photos of him kissing Lily-Rose Depp. The pictures were taken in September 2019, while Lily-Rose and Timothy were vacationing on a yacht in Italy. In one of them, Depp persistently kisses Chalamet, who looks a little awkward in the frame. The photo even became the base for memes.

I went to bed that night thinking it was one of the best days of my life. I was on a yacht all day with someone I loved. And as I closed my eyes, I no doubt thought, “That was wonderful.” And then I wake up, I see all these photos, and I feel embarrassed. I look at them like some kind of aristocrat, all pale. And then people said: “This is his PR move.” PR move? Do you think I wanted to appear before you in this form ?! – Shalame shared.

Timothy and Lily-Rose started talking about romance in October 2018, when the stars were seen kissing during a date in New York. After that, the actors were regularly seen on dates and joint walks. For the public, Chalamet and Depp kept their relationship a secret. The fact that they broke up became known in April 2020, when in an interview with Vogue, the actor called himself “free” in terms of relationships. Why and when exactly Lily-Rose and Timothy broke up is unknown.

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