Time magazine named 2020 the worst year in history

The edition shared the cover of the new issue on the Twitter account. It has large numbers 2020 crossed out with a red cross. Below is the inscription “The Worst Year”.

An article with the corresponding title for the magazine was written by American film critic Time Stephanie Zacharek. According to her, most of the current population of the planet has not experienced such a “terrible year.”

“Most of us could not prepare for this: for natural disasters confirming how much we betrayed nature, for choices based on fantasies, and for a virus that may have originated from a bat just to turn a life around. of all people on the planet and lead to the death of approximately one and a half million people around the world, ”writes Zacharek.

At the same time, the author of the article notes that in the history of the United States and the whole world, there have been times and worse than in 2020.

However, this was in the distant past, and few people survived who remember the terrible years of the world wars, the 1918 flu pandemic and the Great Depression.

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