Tim Cook supposes he will step down as Apple CEO within 10 years

The entrepreneur noted that at the moment, the specific time frame in which he could leave the position is not yet “visible.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook doubts that he will hold this post for another 10 years. He said this in an interview published with The New York Times.

When asked if he will lead Apple for the specified period, Cook said: “Another 10 years. Probably not.” He added that at the moment, the specific terms in which he could leave the post are “not yet being reviewed.” The entrepreneur made it clear that he has no such plans now.

Cook said that he “has no idea” what he would do after leaving the post of director of Apple. “I love this company so much that it’s hard to imagine my life without it,” he added.

Cook has led Apple since August 2011. He is now 60 years old.

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