Tim Cook banned Apple TV+ from filming Gawker Media series

Apple CEO Tim Cook has banned the Gawker Media series from Apple TV+.

It is noted that the series called Scraper was prepared by two ex-Gawker employees – editor-in-chief Max Reed and journalist Kord Jefferson.

According to the newspaper, Apple also brought in two more former Gawker editors to write the series’s script. It is known that they managed to prepare several episodes.

The series has been under development since spring 2020. NYT claims that as soon as Cook found out about him, Apple canceled the project, now the company intends to sell the series.

It is also noted that Gawker ran several sites that at one time could ruin Apple’s reputation. So, in 2008, Gawker Valleywag called Tim Cook, a homosexual. He himself admitted this only in 2014.

The biggest disagreement between Apple tv show and Gawker came in 2010 when Gizmodo released photos of an iPhone 4 prototype that an Apple employee had forgotten in a bar.

Upon learning of the publication of the material, the then CEO of the company Steve Jobs (died October 5, 2011) personally demanded the prototype’s return and forbade Gizmodo journalists from inviting to all Apple presentations. The company also sued Gizmodo over this publication but lost the case.

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