Tillerson urged Republicans and Democrats to unite

The former Secretary of state said he was worried about the country, but did not comment on the impeachment investigation, which is underway in the House of Representatives.

Former Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that Republicans and Democrats need to work together for the good of the country. At the same time, the former head of American diplomacy avoided direct mention of the investigation into the impeachment of President Donald Trump, initiated by Democrats.
Tillerson, whom Trump fired via Twitter in March 2018 over tensions between them over North Korea, Iran, and Russia, has tried to refrain from publicly discussing political issues since leaving Washington.

Speaking in Houston at a fundraising event for the nonprofit UCross Foundation, which provides a place to live and work for artists and writers, Tillerson called for a “civilized and meaningful conversation,” saying that many compare current grievances and anger with the times of the American Civil war.

“Perhaps art will help Americans reunite with their country and remember what value our Republic has,” he said, speaking to an audience of about 250 people.

The Wyoming-based Ucross Foundation honored Tillerson with the visionary leadership award.

The former diplomat later declined to comment on the impeachment proceedings in the US House of Representatives. The investigation focuses on Trump’s attempt to get the Ukrainian government to investigate his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

“I’m worried about our country. Both sides must act together,” Tillerson said in a brief interview.

After leaving the Trump administration, Tillerson, who previously headed Exxon Mobil, called the President an undisciplined leader who does not like to read. Trump called Tillerson a “fucking lazy man” and ” dumb as a rock.”

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