Tilda Swinton openly called herself a Queer

Tilda Swinton for many, remains a very mysterious actress. This is largely due to her ambiguous appearance. The celebrity recently gave a candid interview to the British magazine Vogue, where she spoke about her gender identity.

According to Swinton, it has always been difficult for her to associate herself with any particular gender. In general, the Oscar winner considers herself queer, which means that she does not correspond to her heterosexual or cisgender identity.

“I have always felt queer. I was just looking for my queer circus and found it. It is absolutely clear to me that queer in my case is associated with sensitivity, ”said the actress.

Recall that Tilda had to play heroes more than once, whose gender is also ambiguous. So, back in the 90s, she took part in the filming of the film “Orlando”, in which her character is first a young man, and then turns out to be a girl. In Constantine, Swinton played the sexless angel Gabriel at all.

“I can’t say with certainty that I have ever felt like a girl. For a long time I looked like a guy, but everything is changing. I love that you can walk the tightrope of sexual and gender identity, ”admitted Tilda Swinton.

Even though the actress cannot finally decide on her gender identity, she lived with the artist Sandro Kopp for 16 years. Also, the celebrity has two adult children born in their first relationship with playwright John Patrick Byrne.

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